I am a graphic designer.  This means that I am an artist, a creator, a communicator, a problem solver and a collaborator.  I love the process of creating.  Seeing an idea grow to life through its initial stages and then though careful refinement is a passion of mine.  I am constantly refining and evolving in my own inspirations, process and execution.

My inspirations include fashion, music, retro design and color.  Fashion illustration is inspiring with its unexpected lines, exaggerated proportions, and bright, bold colors.  I also love music and find inspiration in lyrics and melodies.  These things often lead me to modern, simple design paired with hand-drawn elements.  I love to see an idea expressed through bright, saturated colors contrasted against neutrals.  The thick lines and bold colors of the 50s 60s and 70s logo designs are absolutely mouth-watering to me.

I think the details both aesthetic and in the message are as important as the overall design.  I try to keep the message of the design always at the forefront of my mind as I put together my work, never losing sight of the details.  I believe that it shouldn’t just be text that communicates purpose but in fact all the elements of the design working together.

I am a professional in all that I do and create.  I love meeting new people and working together to create a product. Ultimately, I want to make information attractive and intriguing.





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