Love working with great people!

I recently did an illustration for a fantastic blog called Raising Jay & Abel (  She is such a stylish mom and is doing a great job talking and sharing her experiences of being a young mother and the struggles we all face young and old in motherhood.  Check out her blog!



Cool things coming to CCA!

I designed this flyer for the upcoming Cadaver Lab Workshop for students from CCA as well as surrounding high schools. I love when I get the opportunity to work with science and technology images and design elements because it brings me back to my biology roots!  However, I will say, I no longer have the stomach to participate in this fine event.


Everyone Loves an Ice Cream Truck!

So, I love Skillshare.  Have I told you that?  Yeah, its amazing to be able to learn from some of the best in the biz all whilst lounging in PJ’s and baring a makeup-less face.  So, this brings me to Mikey Burton, “Designy Illustrator.”  I love that title.  I hope to be that someday 🙂  His class called “Geometric Illustrations: Drawing your favorite food” is SO fun and he is a great teacher!  I decided my project should revolve around cool treats since it is currently in the 100s here in Tulsa, OK and reaching average humidity at around 50% every day.  So here’s my take on a cute illustrated Ice Cream Truck menu!

IceCream Bar-01